LIONESS Cube Satellite

Columbia Cube Satellite Team
Columbia Space Initiative, New York, NY

I am currently working on the leadership board for Columbia’s Cube Satellite Team, where we are spearheading design and development efforts for a cube satellite approved for launch by NASA in 2027. The Line Imaging Orbiter for Nanosatellite-Enabled Spectrographic Surveys (LIONESS) is a 6U cubesat equipped with a spectrograph to study the hydrogen spectra around galaxies to provide insight into galactic formation. While the project is still relatively new, my current work is centered on developing the power budget, data budget, communications systems, and structure of the satellite. My work on the team has also involved crafting several project proposals, including our successful effort to secure $300,000 in launch funding from NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative.

This project remains largely in progress. Check back for updates!